Summer House Party // Newport Beach, CA

Yearly Summer House Party

Let’s Rock Out!

Is there anything better than having 400 of your favorite people over to celebrate summer? Probably not! This is a Newport Beach house party no one will ever forget. All the happy faces started arriving early in the evening to enjoy music by Mariachi Corazon de Maria in the garden while sipping on margaritas. Everyone had a great time bumping into new and old friends. Relaxing in the garden was amazing, and walking down the floral paths delighted the guests to the tune of some beautiful mariachi music. OC Sushi and The Lime Truck were set up so guests could have some great food truck food all night! All night food is definitely my favorite kind.

Everyone enjoyed a wonderful dinner while watching the sun set and a gorgeous acrobatic performance by Ekaterina Araoutova. As the sun was setting Mariachi Corazon de Maria finished up their performance, people were finishing up their dinner by OC Sushi and The Lime Truck and things were about to get a little crazy.

BoomBox Heroes at Sunset

With the gorgeous orange and pink views of the sunset, BoomBox Heroes began their performance. Everyone couldn’t help but to jump on the dance floor to these amazing sounds with performers that included Louise Van Veenendaal and Shannon Magrane. BoomBox Heroes really got the crowd going and we all had an amazing time. Newport Beach really knows how to throw a summer party. This was truly the house party of the year!


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Event Planner Kasha Poole

Performances by BoomBox Heroes and Mariachi Corazon de Maria

Scrumptious yummies by OC Sushi, The Lime Truck, and Maria’s Mixers

Photography by Bobbie Pyle


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