Family Portraits in Downtown Arroyo Grande

Family Portraits in Arroyo Grande

Family Portraits

This was such a fun day in Downtown Arroyo Grande. We went exploring around the park, found some chickens running around, and went down the trail by the creek. Family portraits are so much fun and certainly a must-do when you have such adorable little ones!

Time for Photos!

Little Aiden was so good during the whole shoot because he has such a caring big sister helping him to be happy. The scenery in Arroyo Grande was so beautiful. There were flowers and greenery just everywhere. This entire city is just picturesque. The sun was out and there was so much to do. Arroyo Grande is a perfect place to hang out for the day and have your family portrait session.

If you are interested in booking your family photo session with me, please email me at I would love to hear about your ideas! Follow my website or instagram!

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