Bethany // Switzer Falls, San Gabriel Mountains, Cosplay Maternity Shoot

Cosplay Maternity Shoot in Switzer Falls

Getting Ready

I had such a great time watching Bethany have her cosplay makeup applied. She booked the amazing Keaghlan Ashley to do her cosplay makeup and then we were ready for an amazing shoot. As soon as we arrived to the trail at Switzer Falls in the San Gabriel Mountains, I was already in love with the location. Switzer Falls is beautiful. Even from the very beginning of the trail.

Going Down the Trail

Everything about this day was perfect-as if we had ordered the weather just how we wanted it. The entire trail at Switzer Falls had an ominous fog that made everything look fantastic. Keaglan Ashley does amazing cosplay makeup. We were so lucky that she was available for the shoot!

The deeper we went into the trail, the more fog that rolled in. It is an easy trail so you can enjoy the gorgeous scenery without getting tired, which was just perfect for our cosplay maternity shoot! I was so excited to get home and edit these photos. This beautiful new mom really knows how to plan a shoot. Something that cosplayers are so good at!


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