Dominique + Josh // Avila Beach Pier Wedding

Dominique and Josh Celebrate at a Beach Wedding


I had so much fun shooting with Dominique and Josh. We started with photos of Josh and the groomsmen at their AirBnB in Pismo Beach. The view was amazing and they took shots from their very special glasses. Then we went down the street to Avila Beach take photos with the beautiful bride and her bridesmaids. With everyone relaxed and having a good time, bride and groom met for their first look in front of the La Fonda Hotel for some gorgeous photos.

Ceremony Time!

Dominique and Josh had such a wonderful wedding ceremony. We walked down to Avila Pier from the La Fonda Hotel in just a couple minutes. All of Avila Beach watched the happy couple and passers couldn’t help but to stay for the ceremony. It was a beautiful interfaith wedding where the couple broke the glass and jumped the broom to celebrate their cultures.

Sunset Reception

Today’s wedding reception was at the Ventana Grill in Pismo Beach. The view was amazing and the guests had such a wonderful time. We just couldn’t stop taking photos of our great couple in this beautiful setting. I would love to shoot weddings at the Ventana Grill every weekend so I could see their gorgeous sunset all the time.


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